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RFA67 Battery as low as 1,80€

Affordable High Quality Batteries For You And Your Pets

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1 - 3,99€
5 -35% 2,59€
10 -40% 2,39€
100 -45% 2,19€
500 -55% 1,80€

High Quality Battery

Our compatible RFA67 battery is garantee to work with your PetSafe® product. It will last as long or longer than original PetSafe® batteries. If your are not satisfied just let us know and we will refund your purchase.

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Your order is guaranteed to be 100% secure. All orders are encrypted with 128-bit SSL technology. RFA-67.EU will never store your credit card number.

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We do our absolute best to get every order out the door as soon as possible. Almost 100% of our orders leave our facility within 2 business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your batteries really compatible with my PetSafe® collar?

Yes, they really are. Our replacement batteries are 100% guaranteed to work with your PetSafe® brand collar. The battery cell is identical in type to the one used in the PetSafe® RFA67 battery, and our battery casing is engineered to perfectly fit all of these models of collar.

Do your batteries last as long as other brands?

We've thoroughly tested our battery against our competitors' batteries in identical equipment, and we find that our compatible battery consistently lasts as long or longer than its competitors.

How can they be so much cheaper?

Because you buy batteries directly from us, you can save 50% or more on compatible batteries. PetSafe® sells batteries and equipment through a network of distributors and dealers nationwide, so by the time the batteries get to you, they've been marked up by at least 2 or 3 middlemen.

I heard that using an aftermarket battery could void my receiver warranty, is that true?

Not only is it false, it would be illegal under U.S. Federal antitrust laws. Manufacturers are legally prohibited from forcing their customers to also buy their brand of supplies or accessories in order to maintain the warranty. Think about it – what if Sony required everyone who bought a Sony product to only use Sony brand batteries in their products, or else they wouldn't honor the warranty? That would never happen, because it's illegal, and also because customers would never stand for it. 

We've seen cases on discussion forums where some hidden fence system dealers warn customers that using less expensive aftermarket batteries "may" void their warranty; however, we have never heard of an actual case where the warranty was actually voided. 

If you have an equipment failure that should be covered by warranty and your dealer will not honor it because you're using our compatible RFA67 batteries, let us know. We'll be very interested to hear from you.

Could your batteries make my receiver to break?

We work hard to ensure that each battery we manufacture exactly matches the specifications of the product for which it is intended. We've sold a lot of batteries over the last few years, and haven't been informed of a single case where one of our batteries caused a receiver failure. Usually what we hear is that the batteries got there faster than anticipated, worked perfectly, and saved the buyer a lot of money. In the unlikely event that you're the first one to have that problem, contact us immediately. We'll work with you to correct the problem.

How often do the batteries need to be replaced?

This depends on the type of battery, so you should check your instructions. For most PetSafe® brand systems, the manufacturer recommends a new battery every 1 to 3 months for best results. Remember, consistency is key to proper training and containment. If your dog is able to cross the fence boundary because of a battery failure, you'll need to re-train him, and you can expect that your dog will be testing that boundary far more often in the future.

How long can I store unused batteries?

Our batteries have a shelf life of up to 10 years. We recommend that batteries be stored in the original packaging. Remember if you leave batteries in the receiver collar, they will run down in a few months, regardless of whether you're using the collar.